How to Win at Roulette

When playing roulette in a casino, your best bet to win is by placing a wager on an even-money bet such as red or black, odd or even, (1-18) or (19-36),  but know the house odds are still slightly against you. In live American roulette, there are thirty-six colored slots on the wheel, including one green slot marked with a zero (0) and a second green slot marked with a double zero (00). For example, if you bet $100 on black, and the ball lands on a black mark, you just won an extra $100 plus you keep your original $100. Using our strategies to formulate different approaches to playing roulette, we at Daddy Fat Stacks will help ensure that you win consistently and your ability to beat the casino will increase with every spin of the wheel.

Using our Roulette strategies, such as our Golden Eagle Roulette System, you have a low buy-in with up to an 85% win rate. This strategy is easy to use and will help you at the casino every time you choose to play. Our Golden Eagle Roulette Strategy strategy allows for you the player, to win regardless of the length of the streak. Normally, the only way to make real money in roulette is by having extended streaks. Our guide is quick in, quick out-if you choose to play that way.

Another viable approach at winning in roulette properly handling your funds, a progression in your wagers, and maximizing low buy-in opportunities. These are the backbone of our Roulette strategies, and if you implement it from the minute you walk up to the dealer, you can win eight out of ten times during that session. The Golden Eagle Roulette Strategy allows you to enjoy the game, rather than having to keep track of wins and losses. You can think ahead, hedge when you need to, and continue winning throughout your time in the casino. The casino will begin to recognize that you are a serious player and that you are there to beat them consistently.

We have an established Roulette strategy for all types of gamblers including the experienced and new players. We help you beat the casino with our easy to learn guide that takes around an hour to review. Taking the time to learn our strategies, you’ll walk out a winner all the time.

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