Basic Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat is a card game that is completely a game of chance however with a basic baccarat strategy, money can be made at this game. The version most often played in the United States is often referred to as Punto Banco, or the player and the bank. Even with games of complete chance, having a Basic Baccarat Strategy when heading into a casino will lower the house advantage, which is normally around five percent, and bring those odds back down to earth to just above an even break.

How is baccarat played?

When developing the basic baccarat strategy, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the rules. In baccarat, as the United States plays it, the casino deals the cards at all times. The bets are made on either the player or the banker betting positions. There is also an option to bet on a tie if the hands have the same score. The dealer lays out the cards, dealt based upon dealing rules to both the player and the banker betting positions. The hand with the total value of the cards closest to nine (9) wins. Face cards are counted as 10 and when the total exceeds 10 or more, 10 is subtracted from the score leaving the score for that hand. For instance, if the hand is dealt a five (5) and an (8) the score will be three (3). (5+8=13-10=3)

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Basic Baccarat Strategy

Basic Baccarat Strategy

How to Consistently Win at Baccarat

Player vs. Banker

Developing a basic baccarat strategy to beat the house in player vs. banker, the rule of thumb is bet on the banker at all times. Betting on the banker may seem obtuse to how a player has previously learned to play the game. The thing to keep in mind, however, is that the goal of the Basic Baccarat Strategy is to lower the house advantage as much as possible, putting the gambler in a better situation to win. Betting on the “Banker” has slightly better odds than betting on “Player” however when you win on “Banker” the house takes a commission which alleviates any advantage. This is why generally speaking most basic strategies say to bet on the “Player” all of the time.

Why should I understand a basic baccarat strategy?

As previously mentioned, the Game of Baccarat is one of pure chance. There is no sure fire way to beat the house using only basic gambling systems. The basic baccarat strategy provides tools that a player can use to further understand the game, understand that the house is at a much greater advantage without a basic strategy and that by using all of the different approaches to playing baccarat, that the odds are reduced in the gambler’s favor.

Which types of baccarat can the basic gambling strategies be used?

The basic systems can be used on all versions of baccarat including:

  • Punto Banco or “North American baccarat”
  • Baccarat Chemin de Fer
  • Baccarat Banque or à deux tableaux
  • EZ Baccarat
  • Mini Punto (Mini Baccarat)
  • Midi Punto (Midi Baccarat)
  • Super 6
  • Punto 2000

Should I play or avoid the tie bet in baccarat?

By using the basic baccarat strategy, the player should avoid betting on the tie at all costs. Players that tend to bet the tie are looking for a larger payout, which, knowing that the game is already stacked in favor of the house, doesn’t bode well for the player. Avoiding the tie reinforces the Basic Baccarat Strategy of lowering the house advantage towards the player. Players that bet the tie are helping the house, and are betting against the odds even more than the game already being a pure game of chance.

Is betting using a pattern a good basic strategy?

Another key to understanding the game’s rules is knowing that there are no perfectly workable patterns. Even though there are no perfectly workable patterns, there are opportunities to take advantage of the clumps and clusters that occur during play. Our advanced Chinese baccarat strategies help you make money by identifying the clumps and clusters. Many players spend exhaustive amounts of time looking for the perfect patterns and ways to beat the house. Players looking for optimal play should apply our Chinese baccarat strategies as our systems have been tested and proven successful for years. Players can keep the basic strategy in the back of their minds if they are going to decrease the house advantage, lowering it as much as possible to give the player the absolute best chance of winning the game. Using each of the approaches in the basic strategy steps allows players to not only enjoy the game, but it also provides them with the best odds of coming out a winner.

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