How to Play Baccarat Like a Professional

Proven Baccarat Strategy

In order to play baccarat like a professional, you will need a basic understanding of the game and a professional baccarat strategy. You will not need to memorize all of the details, however, having a thorough clear understanding will help your play considerably. The beauty of baccarat is that it is about as close to betting on a coin flip, as you can possibly get in a casino game. You do not need to worry about counting cards or hitting or splitting like in blackjack. The cards are dealt by using a set of rules, and all you have to do is decide to bet on Banker or Player and how much. This simplicity is what entitles many people the luxury of learning how to play baccarat like a professional.

How to Play Baccarat

How to Play with a Professional Baccarat Strategy

Have you noticed that professional baccarat players do not bet randomly? They study their scorecards diligently and only place bets when certain opportunities present themselves. Professional baccarat players seem to have inside knowledge of when to bet and how much. You can learn these mysterious secrets, that professionals rarely share. Baccarat professionals do not like to share their strategies for fear of a casino catching on. You can learn How to play baccarat like a professional with the following strategies:

Golden Eagle Baccarat Strategy

Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat How to Play

Must have a Defined Exit Strategy

Every time you play baccarat like a professional, you will want to have a predetermined and defined exit strategy. This allows you to capture your wins and walk away, a winner with an extremely high percentage. Fortunately the Golden Eagle Baccarat Strategy and the Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy both come with a defined exit strategy to enhance your success rate.

Following the Exit Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to play baccarat like a professional is not knowing when to walk away. Most of the time, greed sets in, and they stay at the table only to find a huge streak of bad luck that defies all odds or calculable predictions. Other times the player quits playing like a professional and decides to start drinking alcohol and makes a mistake. A third common flaw, is becoming distracted and making the wrong bet. Having a predetermined exit strategy and not using it is like driving down the highway and not using the lines on the road as a guide. That plan is dangerous and defies all logic. Play baccarat like a professional and follow your exit strategy precisely.

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Using the Players Club for Perks

The players club is an important aspect of gaming. The casino likes to keep track of your play so they can reward you for the time you spend at their table games or slot machines. If you are a steady gambler, no matter what your luck is, the casino will likely reward you so that you will keep coming back.

How Perks are Determined

For table games like baccarat, they will use three variables to calculate your player rating which determines your perks. The first variable is your buy-in. Your buy-in is how much cash you use to buy chips for play. You will want to make sure, every time you buy-in, you have your player’s club card ready so the dealer can have the pit-boss add the new buy-in to your rating. It is ideal to keep your player card on the table in front of you, so you do not have to dig through your pockets or wallet and hold up the game.  The second variable is your average wager or how much you bet with each hand. The third, and probably the most important variable is time played. If you play for twenty or thirty minutes with a small buy-in and little bets you are not likely to earn perks very quickly. You will appear as a small casual gambler and the casino is looking for the professional baccarat players that play for long periods of time.

Types of Perks Casinos Offer

– Meals or Buffets
– Complimentary Hotel Stays
– Free Play for Slots or Table Games
– Spa Visits with Services
– Table and Bottle Service in Nightclubs
– Transportation (Chartered Limousines, Flights, and/or Cars)

How to Negotiate with the Casino

If you really want to play baccarat like a professional, you will want to negotiate your perks with the casino. In order to negotiate you will need to be placing significantly large bets frequently. Ideally, you would want to have a good relationship with the casino before you try negotiating. One of the keys elements that professional baccarat players use to negotiate is a loss rebate of 10% – 20%. This does not seem like much at first but even a small rebate of 5% on losses can help turn the game in your favor. In order to get the rebate, you will have to give up all other perks such as hotel stays, free meals, and other incentives. When you are winning lots of money you will not need those incentives anyways.

Baccarat Rules and Strategy

Following the 12 Rules When Gambling

1.) No alcohol at any time before or during play
2.) Don’t play tired
3.) Concentrate strictly on your scorecard and bets
4.) Never allow your self to be distracted by other players
5.) Be pleasant to the dealer and Pit-Boss. Never be rude.
6.) No need to rush to play. Take your time. Get your bearings straight.
7.) Cash in after each shoe. What I do is, walk to the cashier’s cage, exchange my chips for cash, and then keep an accurate written record of my results.
8.) Take a small break between shoes to attend to any physical needs.
9.) Never turn a winning day into a losing day. A win of $100 is better than a loss of $100.
10.) Play within your “comfort zone”. If a bet of $50 makes you uncomfortable, especially because you may have lost it a few times, back down to a smaller minimum bet until you get used to always making those larger bets when called for.
11.) Keep playing if you want from shoe to shoe as long as you are winning.
12.) Quit according to the Exit Strategy rules.

How to Play Baccarat Like a Professional

To win like a baccarat pro you will want to have a professional baccarat system like the Golden Eagle Baccarat Strategy or the Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy. By following the guide and the predefined exit strategy you will increase your winnings exponentially and play like a professional baccarat player. Don’t forget to sign up for the players club and try to negotiate a rebate on losses if you are a big player. Never forget the 12 rules when gambling they will prevent you from making sloppy mistakes. Follow each step outlined above and you can quickly learn how to play baccarat like a professional!

Play Baccarat Like a Professional

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