Craps the Game of Hazard

Many say that gambling is a hazard. When it comes to the game of Craps, these people would be right. The modern game has a history of being played in casinos around the United States. The strategy involved is an evolution of a much earlier form of gambling. Craps is Hazard made simple, a rule set made for the common man.

Origin of Craps

The history of Hazard dates back to the Crusades. It is more complicated than the modern game, with many different types of strategy involved. Hazard was played by many a soldier, since the requirements consisted of only a set of two dice and a good grasp of strategy. As history rolled on, Hazard became a game popular among the nobility and old world aristocracy. Hazard made the trip to the New World by way of the French, who called the game Crabs. This name change was popular among the settlers of the new land, though the game was pronounced with the French inflection. Crabs became Craps and the new name was born.

The History of the game doesn’t stop there.

Evolution of Craps in the United States

Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville made the game famous in the great city of New Orleans. He took the game of Hazard and simplified it, removing the rules that over-complicated the game and making it fast paced. His version of the game spread throughout the city and in to a new and bustling America. The early 1800’s was known for a wild westward expansion in the country. The settlers took this newfound game of chance wherever they would go. It involved a good grasp of strategy and a little money investment.

De Mandeville’s version of the game was popular but it wasn’t perfect. Fixed dice were able to beat the house and many gamblers walked away rich. An enterprising man by the name of John C. Winn changed the rules of how people could bet on the game, making sure that both the house and the players had a fair chance of winning. This rule change helped catapult the game of Craps in to wider popularity, guaranteeing the game would live on for centuries to come.

Continuation of the Popularity of Craps

The game continued to hold the fascination of gamblers in the USA through two world wars and many police actions. The popularity dipped in the 80’s and 90’s, but the digital age has brought back renewed interest.